Measured with laser precision every time. We aim for top quality alignments on your truck, trailer, RV or bus. All alignments come with a free 50 point inspection and a 30 day warranty!

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Signs You Need An Alignment

  • Feathered Tire Edges

  • Uneven Tire Wear

  • Worn Tire Shoulders

  • Trailer Not Tracking Straight

  • Pulling

  • Vibrating

  • Wandering

  • Crooked Steering Wheel

Benefits Of An Alignment

  • Reduced Tire Wear

  • Improved Fuel Economy

  • Better Handling

  • Smoother Ride

  • Increased Mileage From Your Tires

  • Vibrating

  • Wandering

  • Crooked Steering Wheel

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Our Alignment Technicians

When one of our mobile alignment specialist comes to you, you know you are getting a good quality alignment.

We have quality standards that we expect our alignment experts to meet on each and every job.  Our technicians know what they are doing, they don’t rely on a computer to tell them what buttons to push or what bolt to turn.  They understand your truck’s suspension and they know what to do to get it to drive straight.



Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing depends on how many axles we are aligning and if you have a suspension style that takes longer. All pricing is laid out on our pricing page. We do offer reseller pricing also.

Most of our alignments take between 1-3 hours with a few exceptions. Feel free to call us with questions about your specific vehicle and suspension.

  • Measuring caster, camber, toe setting, and drive axle thrust angles

  • Check bearings, king pins, bushings, tie rod ends, ball joints and leaf springs 

  • Advise on parts that are worn or need to be replaced

  • Advise on Axle bending for trailers to improve tire wear if needed

We provide mobile alignment services Monday-Friday Starting at 8AM and our last appointment of the day is typically 3PM depending on what needs to be done.

Our alignment techs will note any repairs that would prevent an alignment from being done and any repairs that need to be done in the near future. They will discuss the repairs with you on site, or email you their diagnostic notes on your invoice.

All of our technicians have the ability to take payment on site via cash or card. You can also pay with a card or ACH directly through your invoice online. Through drivers will be asked to provide payment at the time of service.

We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen on the road! We appreciate advanced notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please let us know as soon as you know. We prefer at least 24hr notice, more is always better! You can call us at (801)856-1297 ext. 1

We come to you rain or shine as long as road conditions are drivable. So feel free to schedule with us regardless of the forecast and we will communicate with you if weather conditions are too severe and we need to reschedule.

We require a flat hard surface to do all alignments on. That can be pavement, dirt drive, gravel etc. We just need room to park our work truck and room for our technician to work all the way around your vehicle. Please do not park in deep puddles of water and avoid ice. Our technicians have to lay on the ground and they can’t do their job if they are too busy swimming.

For best alignment results we require you to drop your trailer. We also ask that your trailer is empty if we are aligning your trailer.

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  • 1-801-856-1297


Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

These guys are great. I’ve got an older Pete that has always pulled to the right. I’ve had alignments done all over the valley and nobody has ever gotten my truck to run straight. The first alignment they did was according to factory specs, and as expected my truck pulled right. They came right back out and did a custom adjustment according to what the truck wanted. After that adjustment, my truck drives straight down the road. I’ll be staying with these guys for all my future alignments.

Eric S

Had an interesting predicament with our flat bed. As the wheels and drum decided to divorce them selves from the spindle of the trailer its self when I got back to the farm. I had known of these guys from a previous employer and gave them a call. Already kind of knowing the quality of there service as well as a rough price. Explained the situation and got on their schedule quite quickly and easily. I was expecting to have too put a complete new spindle and everything else that goes with it on the trailer. Totaling approx 3500 dollars give or take depending on time. I got a call that the tech was done early and came right out to us to get started. Not only was this tech very knowledgeable in this field. He also was very careful in trying to save the spindle thus saving this little farm some money. It’s hard to put a bunch of money into an old hay trailer which the tech understood! He SAVED THE SPINDLE!!!! It did take a min to get all the right parts together cause you know anything is hard to find in stock now anyway. But he got the trailer back on the road and we are back up and running. Thanks guys!!!

Bryce J

I don’t know where to start it, but these guys “saved our lives” in Salt Lake City, UT. My trailer axel got broken and I was so lucky to find these guys. They came and fixed my problem in less then 5 hours and it was a major problem that all the shops that I called they would have done it in 2 weeks or more.
They come and fixed my problem on the side of the road and for e very reasonable price.
I can’t thank you enough Travis, Chad and Luis for your hard work.
Much love and God bless you

Adri Kuri

This company is beyond amazing. Their attention to accuracy and and efficiency results in incredibly on time and fair results. They maintained an open line of communication and honesty at all times. Very impressed by them.

Cole G

These guys do a great job! We use them for all of our maintenance. They do everything from oil changes, to brakes, and alignments for us. Their tech Luis makes sure all of our equipment is in tip top shape! Highly Recommended.

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